My First Ever Blog, And Nothing To Say

So, this is blogging then? Please forgive me for not posting anything witty, interesting, or profound at the moment. I have just spent ages looking for a suitable blog site before settling here. I’ve just noticed actually that this site is owned by Google(blogspot, not WordPress), who have been in the news recently for not very good reasons, d’oh! Still, my thinking was, if it’s good enough for Felicity Arbuthnot*, then it’ll be good enough for me. 
Anyway, this was John’s Free Lunch at blogspot, but is now WordPress’s Talking Liberties.   I intend use my liberty to talk about anything that takes my fancy.  I hope I do it justice.  Peace.


*Since this post I have transferred to WordPress.


~ by blacksheepdiarist on October 28, 2006.

6 Responses to “My First Ever Blog, And Nothing To Say”

  1. free lunch; free ride; free love; free-for-all; free-dom. together we can make it happen.
    love and peace

  2. Together we might have to madbadhairday, so far it looks like it’s only us two. Thanks for the comment. Peace and Love, John x

  3. john on indymedia ,your comment ,read that ”you were pleased that not all football fans were bigots ”
    why do you tar the rest of footy fans ,with the bigot brush ? surely that should read ”not all RANGERS FANSwere bigots ?
    as your club had the shameful policy of not signing catholis

  4. You are right of course, anonymous. The last sentence should have read “not all Rangers fans are bigots”. <br/> It’s true that Rangers have been a sectarian club for much of their history, with, as you say, the shameful policy at one time of not signing catholics. And these are the reasons I no longer follow them, and why now I support Dumbarton. It was not my intention to “tar the rest” of the football public with the same brush. I know that not to be true. In fact, tonight I am going to a match with some fantastic supporters. I am going to forego Chelsea vs. Barcelona, for Plymouth Argyle vs. Ipswich Town. Plymouth fans are nuts, in the best way possible. C’mon you Greens! John

  5. Link relating to comment above,

  6. Hi John, left you a comment on your first entry.. Love your Smiles Christa

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