Isn’t Technology Wonderful?

I’ve been tweaking the page a wee bit today. I noticed that the settings would not allow anonymous comment from anyone that may happen past. This has been rectified, along with a few other minor adjustments.
Well, it’s Monday, and it’s 2 minutes past six in the evening, no matter what the clock on this site tries to tell you! I was amazed to see yesterdays quick blog recorded as being done at something like quarter to two in the morning(!?), when the truth of the matter is that it was posted at about 9 or 10am. I am not particularly technologically minded, so it will probably take me weeks before I figure out what the hell is going on here.

I read in the news today that War on Want is accusing the UK government of trying to “privatise the war in Iraq”, through the increased use of private mercenaries. There are more private, so-called ‘security personnel’ in Iraq today than there are regular UK soldiers. They are reportedly immune from prosecution, unlike UK soldiers, and can act with complete impunity. One of the companies involved has seen it’s annual turnover jump from something in the hundred’s of thousands, to something in the tens of millions, purely from it’s contracts in Iraq.
War on Want’s campaigns director, John Hilary, said: “There are genuine worries that the Government is trying to privatise the Iraq conflict. The occupation of Iraq has allowed British mercenaries to reap huge profits. But the Government has failed to enact laws to punish their human rights abuses, including firing on Iraqi civilians.
“How can Tony Blair hope to restore peace and security in Iraq while allowing mercenary armies to operate completely outside the law?”
See The Independent, 30th October 2006, and

Also in the news today, well probably not if you rely on the Sun, or somesuch, was a report on the allegation that the Israeli government authorised the use of a Uranium Bomb during their depraved flattening of Lebanon. The UN is launching an investigation into the claims, which no doubt will be strangled at birth by the Security Council. Welcome to the nuclear age….

~ by blacksheepdiarist on October 30, 2006.

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