Trick or Treat?

Halloween is here again. Not that it has ever done anything for me, or anyone else it seems.
Last night, my mum said how she was gonna sit in darkness all night, in order to try and trick the trick or treaters. This morning, and it wasn’t through choice – I couldn’t avoid it – I saw on the way out to work that GMTV had a poll running which was asking if trick or treating should be banned. Apparently 95% of responses indicated yes.
And then this afternoon, while servicing a Glowworm Fuelsaver Complheat, the owner was telling me his misgivings about Halloween, and letting his kids go trick or treating. His daughter was desperate to go do it, and I could see he really didn’t want to let her. The street outside was full of garishly dressed kids brandishing knives and pumpkins.
To me it’s a tedious, and strangely sinister, waste of time and energy.
Why not get the kids to do good-deeds for old folk, on May Day? Instead of trying to scare old people into giving them sweets in cold and dark October.

Every day brings a trick or treat for me at the moment. Mostly tricks mind you lol, but I’ll save them for another time. Tonight though, I am hoping for a treat. A football treat. And because it’s Halloween, it must be Ipswich.
Yes, tonight, after 3 years or so living down here, I am going to my very first ever match at Home Park, Plymouth Argyle vs. Ipswich Town. Chelsea vs. Barcelona is on TV tonight, and I hope I’ve picked the right game! I am taking my gorgeous girlfriend with me, so that she can’t say I don’t take her anywhere! The tickets cost, wait for it, TWENTY FOUR POUNDS EACH!
My first wage was 11 pounds!
Jings, ah must be getting old.


~ by blacksheepdiarist on October 31, 2006.

4 Responses to “Trick or Treat?”

  1. Hi John, I see you had a good time at the match which I read today on the This is Plymouth BB, did your girl enjoy it? You say your first wage was 11 pounds well mine was 10 (old) shillings. Great blog you have here keep it up saves me drilling you when we talk and now I can be nosy and you not know Christa

  2. I thought it was good fun but I was disappointed by all the yellow cards, and by the Ipswich player being sent off. That sort of thing spoils it for me.
    Also, it’s a bit wierd that the team are sponsored by evil-doers coca cola! still, i can think of worse ways to spend their ill-gotten profits.
    So, thanks for taking me to the footy.
    “the gorgeous girlfriend”

  3. Hey Christa, welcome! Yeah, I had a great time at the footie. The quality of play was far superior to what I am used to watching Dumbarton FC! Thanks for poppin’ round. John

  4. Hey Gorgeous Girlfriend, the pleasure was all mine. You were so excited as we went to the game, almost skipping for joy! I’m just trying to figure out if that was because you were really looking forward to the football, or were just thrilled that I was taking you somewhere…. ? John x

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