Iran and the UK Marines and Sailors.

I have not posted for a wee while, though I am sure no-one has missed me!Anyway, I have just found out that the UK marines and sailors that were captured by Iran, and released unharmed, have been allowed by the MOD to sell their stories to the press!
One has to wonder why?
Well, no doubt one big reason is control. The stories of these military personnel would have come out sooner or later. As far as the MOD is concerned, these stories are better controlled while these people are still in the military. In fact, they near as damn it say so themselves in the linked article to the Plymouth Evening Herald.

A statement from the MoD said: “It was clear that the stories they had to tell were likely to have emerged via family and friends regardless of any decision the Navy took.
“It was therefore decided to grant permission to speak to the media to those personnel that sought it, in order to ensure that the Navy and the MoD had sight of what they were going to say as well as providing proper media support to the sailors and Marines…



~ by blacksheepdiarist on April 8, 2007.

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