Sandra Leslie Is Barking.

For the last several months, probably approaching a year now, myself and a couple of other activists I work with have been the target of slanderous and hate-filled diatribes from one Sandra Leslie. I have been accused of being a bully, a fascist, a nepotist, a fifth columnist, a boss’s pet, a homophobe, and a few things more besides. Sandra has taken to emailing all and sundry in Trident Ploughshares and CND about my so-called crimes, as well as posting them on her public websites. As I have the full support of National CND, and the TP Core Group, I have not felt the need to respond to Sandra’s vindictive missives, until today.

Things took an unsettling turn for the worse on Saturday, when Sandra actually physically attacked the Plymouth CND procession in the Lord Mayor’s Day Parade, in front of scores of onlookers. Leaping in amongst our group, she started screaming “Nazi’s!” at the top of her voice at us, myself and Mark in particular, before starting to physically attack the paper-mache submarine that I and another colleague were carrying. This carried on for several hundred yards along the route, with pleas for her to cease and desist falling on deaf ears, and only seeming to enrage her more. Without a doubt she had completely lost the plot, and was immune to reason or placation. It was decided that the best course of action was to remove ourselves from the procession, Sandra effectively managed what Plymouth City Council have failed to do for the last couple of years – prevent Plymouth CND from completing the Parade. No doubt she is proud of herself. All this after spending months accusing us of “sabotage”!!!

On her website, a new comment has appeared with regard to Saturday’s debacle. Incredibly, she accuses us of persecuting her! As if it was us who attacked her as she took part in a procession! She also makes up some fantastical story about a shop refusing to serve myself and Mark because of our “nazism”. Truly the workings of a delusional mind. What actually happened, was that after our group had removed ourselves from the Parade due to Sandra’s harrassment, we planned to go for a drink in the Barbican. While Peter, Ian, and young Marc went into town in search of a cash-machine, Mark and I went to the nearby Spar to get cigarrettes and some chocolate. While we were waiting outside the Spar for the rest to appear, Sandra came striding across the road shouting about “Nazi’s”, “stalking”, and “persecution”. She accused of us stalking her, of mounting a “campaign of hate” against her, and various other allegations too silly to mention. She then, rather shamefully, started ridiculing Mark’s mental health, and his bi-polar condition. No-one overheard Mark or myself “abusing”, “degrading”, or “petrifying” Sandra, because this did not happen. It was Sandra who was engaged in these acts, while Mark and I refused to lower ourselves by retorting to her poisonous and hate-filled vitriol. After she left, we went back into the shop for more chocolate. The shop assistants served us with no problems.

Sandra’s behaviour on Saturday was nothing short of shameful. Fortunately, a good portion of the march had already been completed by our group before this sordid episode transpired, and her actions did not ruin an otherwise excellent day.

There is though, one part of her recent web-comment that is accurate, I did take video footage of Sandra losing the plot and calling all and sundry “Nazi’s”, not to mention her nasty verbal attack on Mark. If I can figure out how to post it, I will in due course. Until then, anyone wishing to view Sandra’s mad behaviour can email me and I will send the clip as an attachment.



~ by blacksheepdiarist on May 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Sandra Leslie Is Barking.”

  1. Just met Mark (tallish, hair), really nice guy. You’ve got my email now, I’d like to see the video please. Ta very much 😉

  2. Hey Juniper, thanks for stopping by. Do I know you?
    I have decided not to make the video referred to in the above post public for the time being, for a number of reasons. Mainly to try and draw a line under it all, and prevent it escalating further. Do you have any reason in particular for wishing to see it?
    Drop me an email at if you’d prefer to talk about it in private.

  3. (Post deleted for being irrelevent and repetitive pish. Using the slaughter in Gaza to pursue your own petty vendetta, Sandra? Shame on you)

  4. The BBC & The Plymouth’s Peace In Gaza/ Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

    Well, it was our most senior comrade, Paddy Ryan, 89, who took the initiative, without any prompting from me, to march up the local BBC’s driveway where we were met by the BBC’s south west director. We had proper coppers as police liaison this time who introduced themselves to Sue Fannous, the Secretary of the Plymouth Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, and did not try to harass us with made-up rules. Anywaym, we all put our points to the local BBC director and he said he would do his best to try to present a more balanced comprehensive reporting of events in Gaza, but we won’t be holding our breath. The point I made was that war changes everything and affects everybody in a global society whether we are actually in the war zone or not. (See the BBC’s south west web-site for reports and images).

    And this war is an omni-war, so I am proud that we can do our bit in Plymouth to hold vigils in which Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists and materialists stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. For my emphasis now is on pastoral power rather than political power, and as a Christian myself, who is still a libertarian socialist, I still hold the hands of all the oppressed and the abused. We human beings are a very complex species and should people say that I am ‘over-complex’, then so be it as that’s a compliment rather than an insult. I have found it increasingly more difficult over the past few years to assert my political power anyway, which is why I have made the shift to pastoral power now and have found it to be the source of more power.

    We transsexuals are at the bottom of the socio-political pecking order and have been for thousands of years. People regard us as being disabled in both physical and mental terms, in spite of our skills and talents and our amazing resilience to emotional pain without becoming thick-skinned. So it’s all very well Stonewall giving Browny points to Plymouth’s NHS for employing gays and lesbians while transsexuals (as distinct from transvestites) are still getting it in the neck both within and without Plymouth’s NHS. Transsexuals experience the greatest discrimination and prejudice from the NHS more than from any other professional organisation because we are seen as a waste of valuable resources – as if! I’ve currently got PALS and ICAS fighting my corner for me against the surreptitious discrimination from Plymouth’s NHS while I’m keeping out of it on a personal level.

    With Reference To The Plymouth SWP. I am full of praise for their initiative in kicking off the Plymouth Peace In Gaza/Palestinian Solidarity Campaign this year. I only hope that they are able to sustain real political and democratic diversity without recourse to pretentiousness – otherwise everybody will all fall out again by the end of the year and have no direction again.

    (Petty personal remark deleted for being untrue and irrelevent)

    And so it is that I don’t care either if the Plymouth SWP use these paper logos, including the one that says ‘Plymouth CND’ , which is probably unlawful under the constitution I wrote and was ratified at the beginning of 2006. As I said, I am not really concerned with political power anymore but with pastoral power. I don’t even bother with the politics of the Anglican Church in a direct way because I believe that the pastoral power of the natural laws (or the Holy Spirit) will bring about sweeping changes. So my home is with the Christian Fellowship while Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer are my inspiration. Sandra Leslie 10th January 2009.

    • In future Sandra, could you post your comments on the relevent posts? This would have been better placed as a comment under my posts on the Gaza protests, and not here.

      PS – I deleted, as I will in future, your spurious and bullshit remarks about me.

      Mind how ye go.

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