On Hugs and Handshakes.

Hugging is not something  generally associated with men raised in the west of Scotland.    Certainly, I could count the times I have given a big hug to my brother or my Dad on the fingers of one hand.  Upon greeting one another, we give firm handshakes, no more, no less. 

Hugging has become quite a normal event for me now.  It is something I have gleaned from my involvement with the anti-nuclear and anti-war movement.  After an action, a demo, or even a meeting, we are all hugging one another!  At first, the roughy-toughy Scotsman in me found this a little disconcerting, but gradually it has become sorta second nature to me now.  I’ll hug anyone these days!   Hugging is a great way to offer respect, affection, luck, solidarity, love, or condolences.   It is also far less formal than a stiff handshake, and carries no connotations of belonging to a secret society!

And with this in mind, I am going to go out of my way to hug my Dad tomorrow, Father’s Day.  He’ll likely think something is wrong, or I’m after something, or I’ve turned into a “poofter”, but I’m going to do it anyway.   Despite our differences, it will be my way of saying “You are my Dad, and I love you”.  Fact is, the Scotsman in me will never allow me to say that out loud! 

So, this Father’s Day, say I love you Dad with a great big bear hug.  If nothing else, it’ll freak yer old man right out! 

~ by blacksheepdiarist on June 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “On Hugs and Handshakes.”

  1. now you should move on to kissing on the cheek. seriously.

  2. I appreciate your suggestion, La Flor. I can almost see my Dad’s reaction to a kiss on the cheek now, and it is not pretty. Though it is, admittedly, highly amusing!
    When I gave my Dad a hug on Sunday, he was surprised to say the least. If I recall correctly his reply was “right, that’s enough of THAT”.
    I think I will stick to the hugging just now, and save all my kisses for the ladies in my life – my mum and my girlfriend.

  3. I’m with La Flor on this one. Kissing on each cheek, properly placed, not just an air kiss. And if you can do it in a public place, like the local pub or a family restaurant then extra kudos. Now how’s that for a dare?
    big hug and a kiss on both cheeks.

  4. madbadhairday, I think you are trying to get me killed!

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