Blair’s Media Mendacity.

The recipient of tonights Mendacity Award is quite probably the most accomplished liar, dissembler, and con-artist these shores have had the misfortune to entertain in recent times.  Had these awards been running for a few years, as opposed to a few weeks, this man would have ran out of space to keep them a long time ago.   Tonights award goes to Tony Blair, soon to be ex-Prime Minister of the UK, for his ridiculous rant against the British media as “feral beasts”.

With his trademark dishonesty and rank hypocrisy, Blair attacked the media for being unbalanced and sensationalist, for being “viewspapers” as opposed to newspapers.   He might well have had a point if he was talking about the Sun, News of The World, or the Daily Mail.  But no, he singled out the Independent, one of the most balanced, informative, factual and least sensationalist, and most serious newspapers in the country!  

I read the Independent most days.  It contains writers like our other Mendacity Award winner Howard Jacobson.  It has Robert Fisk, Bruce Anderson, Johan Hari, John Rentoul, Simon Carr, Patrick Cockburn and Yasmin Ali-Brown.   This is a verital rainbow spectrum of viewpoints, which in order reads, zionist, critical Middle East correspondent, right-wing Tory, pink Labour, New “I love you Tony” Labour, satirical liberal, iraq correspondent, and feminist arab lefty.  (I hope that’s not insulting to Yasmin.  If I think of a better way to describe her I’ll change it.)

The fact that he attacked a newspaper like the Independent, and not the Sun, was an audacious use of mendacity.  Quite breathtaking really.  In my opinion it at least proves that the Independent is a real thorn in Blair’s side.  It has consistently reported the truth, and for our Tony, the truth hurts.  Especially in Iraq, where the Independent has been absolutely correct in being absolutely relentless in it’s critical reporting from that god forsaken country.

For he knows that the reporting of his crimes in Iraq could be far more critical in the Murdoch newspapers, which hold such dominating positions in the sculpting of popular will.    T’was Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers that cried the 45 minute warning, swallowed the dodgy dossiers, played down the casulaties and costs, and generally supported him to the hilt, because Blair assidiously courted them on coming to power.   The Independent’s crime was not to be supine enough.  The man truly is truly talented in the black arts of ‘spin’.  Either that, or he is insane.

I feel no need to list the man’s crimes and misdemeanours, surely they are notorious by now?   Yet he magically shifts the blame for a cynical population on to the media, as opposed to where it belongs, with a corrupt and murderous government and state system.  With the manipulators of intelligence, and the betrayer of confidences, with himself and those like him.  

Attached to this Mendacity Award is an indictment for war crimes, I hope one day he’ll be kind enough to answer to them.

Read the award winning speech here –                                 

What’s the chances of Gordon Brown avoiding an award for Mendacity?

~ by blacksheepdiarist on June 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Blair’s Media Mendacity.”

  1. I think you’re being unfair on Teflon Tony. You see, it wasn’t his fault. He was doing what he thought was right, and George told him what was right, and God told George. And if by any chance Tony did get it wrong, then all he has to do is become a Roman Catholic, say a few Hail Marys and a couple of Our Fathers to receive absolution. He’s more slippery than a slipper, that man.

  2. I’m amazed the Catholic Church would even consider letting such a sinful man within a mile of “God’s representative on Earth”. Still, one can hardly expect the Catholic Church to have integrity. After all, they have an ex-Nazi as Pope!

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