London, Glasgow, and the Keystone Terror.

There only seems to be one topic of conversation this weekend, and that is the attempts to cause terror in London and Glasgow over recent days. 

According to the mainstream media, it has already been decided that these were “suicide bomb” attempts by “Al Qa’idi”, to cause “explosions” and “mass carnage” to “coincide” with the “arrival of Brown’s new government”.  The Police have yet to be so explicit, but the media are not known for letting facts get in the way of a good story….

Anyway, the country is now at a “critical” state of alert, with security at it’s highest level, despite the fact that these terrorist attempts were so weak and inept.  I do not think the nation is up against a terror “mastermind” here.  These latest attempts to cause murder and mayhem were so bumblingly incompetent as to hardly warrant such a reaction. 

It occurred to me last night that propane cylinders in a fire do not make particularly good bombs.  As a gas engineer I know one or two things about gas.  If these cars were rigged as the media are describing, then there is very little chance that there would have been an explosion.   Heat causes gases to expand, therefore in a fire the gas in a propane cylinder would expand creating greater pressures inside the bottle, triggering the opening of the pressure relief valve fitted to all cylinders.  The emitted gas would catch alight, causing a jet of flame, but no explosion.  Even if the pressure relief valve had been tampered with or disabled, what would happen is that the pressures would eventually rupture the cylinder, sending it flying, creating a fireball and a loud noise, but again nowhere near the “explosion” to cause “mass carnage” the media are alleging.   Certainly people would be hurt by flying glass, or if they were standing right next to it, but I doubt very much we would be talking dozens or scores killed.  To cause that big an explosion would require releasing the gas first, to mix with air BEFORE adding a spark to ignite it. 

Whenever there is a terrible crime like this committed, one of the first questions one must surely ask is, who benefits?   I have to admit to a complete failure to try and understand how these kinds of perverse attacks benefit the cause(s) of those who are said to be our enemies.    It makes no sense to me.  Which is another reason why I question the official narrative regarding the “War on Terror”.    Who has the most to gain from these events?

Without doubt, these attacks will strengthen the hand of those who wish to see the powers of the Police and Security services increased.  Without question, these attacks will be cited when the government re-introduces it’s scheme for 90-day detention without charge to the House of Commons.  Quite possibly, these events will be used as more evidence for prolonging our stay in Iraq, demonising and attacking Hamas and Hizbollah, and maybe even to justify military action against Iran.   What it does not do is further the cause of “jihadi’s”, or Muslims anywhere, anyhow.

Now, I know I’m a cynical git, but I see something else going on here.  God alone knows what it is, but I don’t think it is quite what the mainstream media and our politicians want us to think it is.  History, if nothing else, tells us to be cautious about official narratives regarding ‘terrorism’.  Just look at Northern Ireland for example.  It is becoming more and more apparent that much of the terrorist activity throughout the Irish ‘troubles’ benefited from collusion with the British security forces, like MI5 and the FRU.  Nothing is ever as it seems.  These attacks also, coincidentally, wiped from this weekends front pages discussion over the guilt or innocence of the Libyan currently behind bars for the Lockerbie bombing.  The man has been granted an appeal, after concerns surfaced about manipulation of the evidence to secure his conviction.   The whole Lockerbie story shows the western security and Police forces, not to mention the judiciary in Scotland, in a pretty terrible light.  It also makes pretty damning allegations about the role of the CIA in the tragedy and subsequent flawed investigation. 

But still, we won’t be talking about that this weekend, we have Keystone terrorists to worry about!  I reckon before the next month is out, we will be asked to relinquish some civil liberties in order to safeguard our freedoms, or some such twaddle.  Orwell, where the hell are you?

~ by blacksheepdiarist on July 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “London, Glasgow, and the Keystone Terror.”

  1. What do you think? Was the fire truck squirting gas on the fire? I watched CNN and Fox News for almost 3 hours and the fire kept raging. Why, I wandered didn’t they pull the car back and let it burn? Then put the fire out in the building. Or was I watching only “live” reruns?

  2. Arthur, I don’t think for a second the fire trucks were squirting gas on the fire. I have not seen all the footage, but I am sure that the fire brigade used water!
    As for the car, I can only guess that the reason the car wasn’t removed was because of the fear that it might contain a bomb. That seems sensible enough to me.
    I did discover today that cherokkee jeeps were being recalled last year due to a fault with the seat warmer mechanism that could cause a fire.

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