A Random Haiku or Two.

My brother returned home today, from working in the Falkland islands(I know, don’t ask!) and I thought I’d write a Haiku in honour of the occasion.

 There’s no mistaking.
It’s the blue-ness of the shirt,
Big Stu’s home again!
Carrying bundles of fags
And that mental cheesy grin.

I learnt tonight that George W Bush turned 60 on Thursday 6th July.  Seeing as I failed to send him a card, I thought I’d write him a haiku instead.  (rewritten 16/7/07 after kind suggestion by ‘anandbose’

A blood red present
For the Commander-in-Chief
When will we wrap up?

And I suppose I cannot leave without a little ode to my sweetheart, the Princess. 

Red and green veggies,
The hair, the talk, the music,
I’ll always recall.
Unless, of course, I forget.
Though never that I love you.



~ by blacksheepdiarist on July 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “A Random Haiku or Two.”

  1. So, fag smuggling in, would be another haiku? Just kidding.
    The return sounds, trumptish; read it and tried to remember the sound Japanese drums.

    The 2nd seems to me more of a civilian concern. I wish I could put a signified as the salute. It would not shift the distance of the metaphor within the experience. Would it?

    The Prince has to find the true pea or the true princess. Smile, if there’s a fairy tale.

  2. Thank you for your comments, anandbose. I have altered the structure of the 2nd haiku following your suggestion. Sorry ’bout the delay in responding, I was trying to find out what ‘trumptish’ meant! According to google’s search-engine it is a googlewhack. Searching it gives only this page! I have to admit to being a wee bit baffled by your meaning.

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