Bitter Fruits of Foreign Policy.

It transpires that there was no suicide belt, or device on the alleged terrorist who was burnt at Glasgow Airport.   Despite the fact that much of the mainstream media reported on the existence of a suicide belt, even mentioning it in bold headlines, few seem to be that bothered about correcting the perception they have helped create in the mind of the public.   Which leads me on to a question I have been asking myself this week, “who is doing the most to create ‘terror’ amongst the citizens of the UK?”   The media, the politicians, or the terrorists?

The attempted attacks last week in London and Glasgow were, quite frankly, laughable.  If this is the best that the terrorists can do, then they should not scare us in the slightest.   I mean, what kind of suicide bomber fails to even set himself on fire properly?   What kind of idiot member of an international terrorist organisation leaves mobile phones and documents at the scene of a crime with all the numbers and details of their buddies on it?  I can just imagine Bin Laden now, sitting in a cave muttering to himself that he ‘just can’t get the staff these days’.     Inept fantasists should not inspire fear or terror, just relief and mocking.

 So, what about the media?  Undoubtedly, the media over-egged the recent terror non-events.   Stories are still circulating about how many ‘hundreds of people’ would have been killed if the bombs had been successful, even though it has been largely demonstrated by a number of experts that the petrol+gas-cylinder+fire+car combination is a very ineffective weapon for mass carnage.    For days the media reported as fact the existence of a suicide belt, despite this being unconfirmed by the Police, and despite the fact that pictures taken from the scene seemed to indicate there was no device at all.    It is entirely evident, in my humble opinion, that in recent days the media have created more ‘fear of terror’ than the actual terrorists did.  Not only do the mainstream media ‘manufacture consent’, they manufacture terror too it seems.

And then there is the politicians and the government.   Citizens were encouraged to be ‘alert’ and ‘vigilant’ by the government in the wake of the comedy attacks, the state of security was raised to ‘critical’.   Apparently, a Whitehall official was quoted as saying to the BBC “if it moves to critical, you should worry.”     In the days following the failed attacks, many parts of the country had a considerably increased  Police presence at key sites.   So even if you did not read the media or watch the news, you could still gather that the nation was in peril!   The government’s message appeared to say “be worried, you are right to be afraid”.   

One could be forgiven for thinking they wanted the terrorists to terrify us all!? 

If the extremists want to learn how to commit atrocities properly, maybe they should look to the work of the Coalition forces in Afghanistan.  On the same day that bumbling incompetents were failing to immoliate themselves in Glasgow, a 3 hour bombing raid by NATO in Helmad Province resulted in the deaths of over 100 civilians, according to the Observer.   At least one UK army official noticed how counter-productive this is when he was reported saying that “every civilian dead means five new Taliban“.

Indeed, you reap what you sow.    Foreign Policy is at the root of the terrorist threat.  Any fool who tries to tell you this is about “values”, or the “western way of life” needs to answer one simple question – Why isn’t Sweden being bombed?

What we saw last week are noting but some of the bitter fruits of the Blair Legacy.

~ by blacksheepdiarist on July 6, 2007.

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