No Politics Please, We’re Drinking.

A little bit of everything this weekend.  Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll! 

With my brother just newly returned from foreign climes, there was the need to get re-acquainted over some beers.   It was just him and I, and our cousins Sam and Vix.  The Princess declined our invitation for her to join us, no doubt disinclined by the prospect of watching two grown men transform themselves into gibbering monkeys.   

Not that we did in the end.  Despite the life-enhancing quality of the music in some of the pub dukeboxes – Pink Floyd in the Royal Naval Arms for example – the intended bevvy session just wasn’t to be, none of us were really in the mood!  Sam was working in the mornin’, Stu was wanting to go shopping, and I was planning to see the Princess.  So we called it off at 1030pm after only half a dozen drinks.  Merry, but by no means burling.  It has now been re-scheduled for next Saturday night, and we can all plan to write Sunday off.

After I got home I put the computer on for a little while, eventually surfing over to the Dogbomb forums, where I quickly found myself banned and banished to the flambe forum, for daring to speak out of turn.  8 of us in the last few days have met similar fates, and my crime was to speak up for those banished before me.   Typical!   It will be interesting to see who else has it in them to dare the doggie wrath? 

Still, seeing the Princess today made everything okay.  Her smile smoothed my fevered brow.   Her fluffy pink socks drove me to distraction so much I missed the end of the Grand Prix.  She kissed me and I forgot everything. 

Once I floated back down to earth, to cap a fabulous Sunday, there was another marvel in the form of dinner.  Mum pulled all the stops out for a quite simply awesome stew, which cannot go by unmentioned.   It did the new kitchen proud, well done that woman!

And that was the weekend, sorry for the lack of politics!

~ by blacksheepdiarist on July 8, 2007.

One Response to “No Politics Please, We’re Drinking.”

  1. I love you. Thanks for daring to speak up. I am genuinely touched. It’s a shame that not many others followed your example – but the internet is fickle.

    See you on the site. x

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