Rufus At The Eden Project

“Do I disappoint you?” sang Rufus Wainwright last night at the Eden Project in Cornwall.   Most certainly not is the emphatic response from this attendee.  Quite simply, Rufus and his band were magnificent.

Resplendent in his lederhosen, Rufus hit the ground running with a flawless rendition of “Release The Stars”, the title track from his new album.    It was this album that much of the setlist was culled from, with highlights including superb renditions of “Going To A Town”, “Tiergarten”, “Sanssouci”, “Between My Legs”, and the quite brilliant “Rules And Regulations”.

The audience showed their great appreciation by maintaining a respectful silence during the quieter tracks like “Nobody’s Off The Hook” and “Leaving For Paris No 2”. 

Despite mainly being a showcase for the new album, pleasingly a few tracks from ‘Want One’ were also aired.  These included “14th Street”, “Beautiful Child”, “The Art Teacher”, and an incredible version of “I Don’t Know What It Is”.  On their own, these tracks would have made the whole night worthwhile.   As it was, they were just more highlights during a whole series of highlights.

Returning for an encore in his dressing gown,  Rufus put on some lipstick and jewellery to play us out with a Judy Garland number, followed by the closer “Gay Messiah”.  Awesome. 

I came home in a bright orange t-shirt that declares that ‘Rufus, Rufus, Rufus’ is  the ‘world’s greatest entertainer’.  On the evidence of last night, it is difficult to disagree.

 Edit – with thanks to the fabulous madbadhairday, here is a little clip of Rufus performing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, in his dressing gown, at the Eden Project.

After posting that, I came across these youtube clips of the same concert, by someone with a slightly better camera! lol  Enjoy –

There are a whole load of video clips of the Eden Project concert here –




~ by blacksheepdiarist on July 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Rufus At The Eden Project”

    I saw him at Eden too, did you bring along a black friend like he arksed you to?
    I wanted more of the jazz swing stuff, we love judy garland. He has also been listening to lots of big operas, I noticed that he had lots of Wagneresque stuff happening.
    He was very good and I had a great evening. If you like, you can have a couple of photos I took, as well a bit of video of him singing ‘hallelujah’.

  2. That would be great madbadhairday, and if you do not mind I ‘ll put the pictures on the blog.
    I did indeed take a black friend to the concert as Rufus asked, and delightful company she was too, for a girl lol I think I kinda like her.

  3. I hope you appreciate the way that the camera angle gives the (quality) film production a sort of ‘cinema-verite’ feel. Of course, I tried to get a ridley scott lighting style, but some one had their big fat biffy head in the way. I shoulda given the camera phone to my tall, white friend.

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