Quick Thought – The Mirror and Madeleine McCann.

Most evenings, BBC2’s Newsnight show a selection of the front page headlines from the national mainstream newspapers.  Apparently tomorrows edition of The Mirror will carry the headline “YOU ARE NOT A SUSPECT”,  in relation to the Madeleine McCann saga. 

Now, I have to admit I was not paying the news particular attention this evening(original post claimed headline was The Sun’s, not the Mirror’s) – I was playing Scrabble – but it seems the Portugese authorities are examining blood found in the McCann’s hotel room, and the investigation is looking at the possibility the girl was killed on the premises, which would rule out abduction.   But of course the Mirror couldn’t abide the possibility that white, middle class professionals might well be capable of the most heinous crimes.  After all, it’s only single mothers, asylum seekers, benefit cheats, druggies, foreigners, the jobless, muslims, homosexuals, trade unionists, feral children, lefties, immigrants or the mentally ill who do these kind of terrible things!

I’m sure this website will not be the first, or the last, to say to Mr and Mrs McCann, “OH YES YOU ARE.”   No offence. 

Edit : truth is, I have a hunch for the husband…..

~ by blacksheepdiarist on August 7, 2007.

One Response to “Quick Thought – The Mirror and Madeleine McCann.”

  1. You Are Not a Suspect
    It seems there is a new venacular amongst our police force.
    If one is given the status of: ‘you are not a suspect’, you better get yourself a lawyer because it is the same as saying ‘you are a person of interest’.

    As in the Madeleine Mccaan Case.
    Robert Murat was at first told he is ‘not a suspect’ but then became the prime suspect just because all focus was put upon him. There was evidence he practiced some nerthewell hobbies which incriminated him as ‘a creepy’ guy…one journalists words.
    But after three months of exhusted investigating there is at the very least a character assasination of this man, at the most a scapegoat syndrome kangaroo railroad of an innocent man. All the facts are not in, but it does appear RM had nothing to do with the dissappearance of Madeleine. That was Jane Obrien’s testamony that I.D’ed him, but there appears to be a reason she decided this was he.

    Now the ‘you are not a suspect(s) happen to slide with the media and blogservation (computer conversation/observation) that the Mccanns are now the ones under the microscope.

    They may be many things, but one thing is for sure, until the Birmingham DNA testing analysis is in there is only speculation that the specks of blood on wall and curtain is Maddies.

    The UK special force canine crew found reason to believe that a dead body may have been in that room. That is still not solid evidence, and it still does not connect parents to the puzzling dissappearance.

    What is true is this:
    Madeleine Mccann is still missing, and it could be someone connected to the resort who works there, someone who still has here out of sight. Someone who new the lack of supervision that was associated with the family.

    I am not a pollyanna with their head in the clouds, and I have read all the internet info regarding this case. The PP in Praia da Luz keep tightlipped about new leads.

    They are aware of the inconsistantcies of the Mccanns, friends at the table, Robert Murat, …….
    but there is still another possibility, and that is while she lay asleep in her bed (she may have been give something to
    ‘help’ her sleep…..someone came in and was able to move here to a location not far from where she is now…..time will tell…and it is time….

    Innocent until proven guilty still is upheld in most courts of law.
    Hopefully thoughtful readers will extend that courtesy and ‘give the benefit of doubt’ until we unscrambble this living nightmare out together.

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