Celebrate Hope at Faslane365.

Since it’s inception in October 2006, the Faslane365 continious non-violent blockade of the Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base has seen over 900 people arrested for their resistance to the UK’s possession of illegal weapons of mass destruction.   To celebrate the completion of the 365 days of action, a Big Blockade is now being organised for October 1st, 2007.  

And you should be there!                                                                    http://www.faslane365.org/

The beauty of the Faslane365 innitiative is the diverse range of groups and individuals who have participated.  There have been groups of actors, artists and authors, clowns and clergy, teachers and scholars,  grandmothers and children, environmentalists,  health professionals, lawyers, lesbians, journalists, poets,  and students.  Groups have mobilised from all over the world to participate.   Just about every strand of society has been represented at these protests.   A Big Blockade involving most of these groups and individuals could be very big indeed!

I have already taken part 2 or 3 times over the last year, and will be going again for the October blockade.  The action for October 1st is being tagged as a “celebration of the diversity and impact of this civil resistance” to nuclear madness and destruction.  This is to be a “carnival of resistance” – or even the Mother of All Blockades!

Accomodation and training in non-violence will be available in Glasgow the night before, and coaches will be leaving Edinburgh and Glasgow in the early hours on the day.  For more information and a briefing pack contact info@faslane365.org  or telephone 0845 45 88 365.    The future of the planet is at stake, and we have the right, and the will of the people on our side.   The time has long since gone for the realisation of a nuclear free world.

About Trident:

  • The UK has about 200 nuclear warheads for use on Trident submarines, which are deployed from Faslane in Scotland.  Each warhead is roughly 8 times the power of the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.

  • The UK Government has never ruled out using these barbaric weapons, and has recently voted to spend BILLIONS on a replacement system which will likely be even more destructive.

  • Nuclear weapons are illegal and immoral.   The UK’s continued possession of Trident is a clear breach of it’s commitments to nuclear disarmament under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


~ by blacksheepdiarist on August 12, 2007.

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