Climate Campers 1, Police Nil.

It is a source of ongoing frustration to me that events have conspired to keep me from attending the Camp for Climate Action this week.   This feeling only intensified after watching the following youtube clip.

In an incident not widely reported(again!) by the mainstream media, Police who had tried to force their way on to the campsite were prevented from doing so by the determined non-violent resistance of the campers.    Check out the video, the peaceful and determined solidarity displayed by the Climate Camp activists is a thing of beauty, and a real joy to behold.   How I wish I was there.   Good luck to all the campers! 

Source of video –

~ by blacksheepdiarist on August 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “Climate Campers 1, Police Nil.”

  1. The video brought a tear of joy to my eye.
    You don’t really want to protest, you just like camping.

  2. ‘Tis quite true madbadhairday, that I ‘really don’t want to protest’, and I do like camping. Shame that the current situation on the planet makes it necessary for me, and others to protest.

  3. It really was amazing – organisation done better than I’ve ever seen before, and a genuinely non-violent crowd. See you next year?

  4. oh definitely AliceJ. Unless of course we’ve solved all the problems by then lol

    I’m planning on going up to faslane for the big blockade to mark the end of F365 in a month or so. The TP group I’m in are similar in non-violence and organisation.

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