The New Look, Opinions?

Regular visitors might notice there has been some changes around here.  I thought the place needed brightened up a bit, and besides, a change is as good as a rest.

So, what do ya think?   I could do with your feedback, after all it’s you surfers out there who have to read it!   And I know that some of you do, even if you seem shy about admitting it!


~ by blacksheepdiarist on August 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “The New Look, Opinions?”

  1. Think the site’s looking great, Mr Luncher!

  2. Looking much chirpier, bit doom and gloom before

  3. Why thanks chaps, I wasn’t too sure before, but now I’m reassured.

  4. I like the relaxed themes like this one.

    And I certainly understand the need for a change … I tend to alter the look of my blog a bit too often … but, a blog is like a home away from home, and changing a theme is like rearranging the furniture.

  5. Re-arranging furniture is such fun.

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