Hat’s The Way To Do It.


My hat and I have come a long way together.  It’s a battered old thing now, covered in pro-peace and anti-nuclear badges which mask some of it’s scratches, bumps and bruises.   I am loathe to get a new one, as this one has served me well for many years, and through many adventures. 

This old hat, and it’s badges, were the starting point for an exchange that has brightened up my week.   It started yesterday, while I was working on a Redrow building site here in Plymouth.   For one reason or another I was in the site manager’s office with a couple of the site agents, chewing the fat.   Soon enough the conversation turned to the badges on my hat, which went something like this –

“CND?  They still going?”
“Great ideas never go out of fashion.”
“Ah, but you know they are building a replacement for Trident?”
“Over ma dead body.”
“It’s a detterrent you know, it stops people attacking each other.”
“It’s a provocation, it inspires countries like Iran, South Korea, Israel, Pakistan, India etc.”
“Yeah, but they know they can’t use them for fear of retaliation.”
“Things are different now.  Some of these newer nukes are first-strike capable.  Where before countries might think ‘I better not hit him or he’ll kill me’, now it’s more ‘if I hit him quick enough while he’s not looking’, or ‘maybe if I build a shield that will protect me from retaliation..?’  And instead of 2 nations facing each other off with similar arsenals, we now have a dozen or so nations with varied size nuclear arsenals.  Nukes have evolved and multiplied.”

Later on, one of the site agents asked me if I could get him a CND badge for his fishing hat.  Nae bother I said, and unpinned him one from my own hat.   It tickled me to think he’d wear it while fishing.  But it got better.

When I returned to the site today he gave me the thumbs-up and a big grin, and then showed me the CND badge he was proudly displaying on his hi-vis jacket!    One more joins the forces of light and reason, and it’s all thanks to my hat! 

~ by blacksheepdiarist on August 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “Hat’s The Way To Do It.”

  1. When you go to the big demo in the sky, can I have your hat?

  2. I have faith that there won’t be a big demo in the sky, they had a revolution up there ages ago!

    Anyway, of course you can have my hat madbadhairday. I’ll swap you it for an item of your clothing. Now, let me think….. 😉

  3. That’s ace! I’ve got a big rainbow peace flag in my kitchen with badges on it going back to when I joined the picket lines at Wapping aged 5.

    Not as good as a hat ‘cos it doesn’t come out with me, but then it’s probably a bit too heavy to actually wear.

  4. Favourite badge seen recently:

    “Oh well, I wasn’t really using my civil liberties anyway.”

  5. That’s a cool badge AliceJ! Wouldn’t mind one of those myself. I was amused this morning by a sign on a car that read “away with the fairies”. 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for popping round.
    Need to get myself one of those peace flags….

  6. […] Hat’s The Way To Do It. […]

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