The Sun Radiates Falsehoods.

I came home from work tonight to be confronted by an intruder.   A copy of The Sun, purchased by my Dad, was lying on the living room table!  I have managed to shield my eyes from that disreputable rag for many years, and now here it was, lurking in my   home.  There was nothing for it but to pick it up…

Oh!  But the mendacity of it!  Check this out, from The Sun Says editorial – (my emphasis added)

GORDON BROWN last night squared up to the gutless wonders who want Britain to cut and run from Iraq.  He insisted our forces will stay and fight as long as they are needed by the Iraqi people and their elected government.  Abrupt withdrawal would tip the country into bloody civil war. 

Rejecting Lib-Dem calls for a leaving date from Iraq, he said: “I believe we continue to have clear obligations to discharge.”  That is absolutely right.   The time will come when we can phase down our commitment.  But it would be an act of criminal inhumanity to walk away from the moral commitment we made when we invaded.”

Now, surely I am not alone in being stunned by the sheer paucity of truth in this alleged piece of journalism?    This is the biggest selling newspaper in Britain, and it is peddling demonstrable lies and half-truths.

The first sentence implies that those advocating a withdrawal from Iraq are cowards, or “gutless wonders” The Sun has it.  This is the standard smear war-mongers  make to all who favour peace, and is not altogether surprising.   No doubt these gutless wonders include Sir Jeremy Greenstock,  the former British Special Representative in Iraq, who told Channel 4’s Iraq Commission: “We thought we were going to achieve something good; that has not happened. It’s actually time for a change.”

The second sentence implies that “our forces” are only in Iraq at the ongoing request of the “Iraqi people and their elected government”.  This is patently untrue.   Take the word, for instance of the current  Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, who said last month,  “We say in full confidence that we are able, God willing, to take the responsibility completely in running the security file if the international forces withdraw at any time they want.” (Scotland on Sunday 15 July 2007)           And does anyone remember Ibrahim Jafaari?  He was Iraq’s Prime Minister during 2005, who was said at the time to have a “great desire” for a “speedy withdrawal” of coalition forces.  Evidently not The Sun’s editorial writer…                                     ,2763,1537140,00.html

As for the opinion of the Iraqi people on the continued presence of American and British forces in Iraq, I think successive opinion polls, not to mention ferocious physical resistance,  are conclusive enough to indicate that the occupation is not “needed” or wanted by the Iraqi people.   Gordon Brown, with The Sun’s help, would have us believe that the Iraqi people need and desire our presence there.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is a lie. 

Sentence three is a cracker.  Our withdrawal would “tip the country into” civil war, apparently.  Never mind that there is a very bloody civil war raging throughout the country already by all accounts, which our presence has a) provoked, and b)  done little to stop.   Another ‘gutless wonder’, French President   Nicolas Sarkozy, not one I’d normally quote with approval but there you are, is reported as saying this week,   Defining a clear prospect for the withdrawal of foreign troops” is required for Iraq to move OUT of civil war..”

Pretty much all of the rest of the world recognises that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was the original sin from which everything else stems.   It is rich indeed of The Sun to portray those who wish to bring an end to the oil-inspired invasion of Iraq as being criminally inhumane, being as they are criminally and inhumanely culpable in actively promoting propoganda and lies in support of an illegal act which has so far registered over half a million deaths.  Very rich indeed.  And I bet they say it with a straight face.   Lying, Mendacity Award winning bastards.

~ by blacksheepdiarist on August 28, 2007.

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