Feral Beast Tamed….?

An interesting little snippet in the newspaper today almost escaped my attention.  Buried at the bottom of page 34 in today’s Independent lay this –

” IAEA clears Iran nuclear scheme “

Vienna – Iran’s uranium enrichment programme is operating well below capacity and is far from producing nuclear fuel in significant amounts, according to a confidential UN nuclear watchdog report.  A senior Iranian nuclear official said the IAEA report showed US suspicions about Tehran’s nuclear intentions were baseless.  The IAEA could yet open future inquiries into Iran’s atomic activity.

I feel this story deserved better than to be banished to the margins of page 34.  One can only assume that reports suggesting George W Bush and co’s assertions about Iran’s nuclear capabilities may not be entirely true, are of less importance than Keith Richards’ spat with a Swedish music critic(p13), the discovery of a flightless bird’s remains in Dorset(p5),  the sale of Damien Hirst’s obscene diamond encrusted skull(p7), or the vast sums wealthy people leave to their pets in wills(pages 16 and 17).

Tony Blair once claimed the UK media, and the Independent in particular, were a bunch of “feral beasts”.    No doubt he’ll be glad they are going tame over Iran…. 

If the Ind’y is not going to yell from the rooftops that Bush and co are LYING about Iran’s intentions, then who the hell is?

~ by blacksheepdiarist on August 31, 2007.

One Response to “Feral Beast Tamed….?”

  1. Maybe a strongly worded letter to the editor of The Independent might help to raise the issue to a more prominent spot? I certainly hadn’t read the article, so thanks for pointing it out.
    Keep up the good work, I really do appreciate your efforts in keeping us all informed.
    peace and love

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