Disturbing, and Thought Provoking Stuff.

I came across a couple of disturbing, and thought provoking things on my cyber travels this week.  I don’t intend to say much about them now, because I’m still, erm, thinking about them…  :-/

The first thing was this article, http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2007/09/380236.html

It details the discovery of agent provocateurs at a demonstration in Canada, which was subsequently admitted by the Canadian authorities.   The video shows quite clearly three bulky men, dressed and masked in black, at least one of which is carrying a rock.  Apparently they were trying to goad others into throwing rocks at the Police. 

And if this is happening in Canada, you can bet your behind it’s happening in America and the UK, and anywhere else where popular dissent is expressed in massive demonstrations.   This just further proves what people have been saying since, at least, the G8 in Genoa.  And that is that more often than not it is the Police who are the instigators for violence.  I mean, why put on the riot gear if yer not gonna use it?

The second interesting thing I came across this week was a debate on the pros and cons of violence/nonviolence in the course of popular political struggle between John Holloway and a Vittorio Sergi.   Absolutely fascinating stuff, and my head is still reeling from it now. 

Enjoy – http://www.turbulence.org.uk/turb_g8heil_of_stones.html 

~ by blacksheepdiarist on September 7, 2007.

One Response to “Disturbing, and Thought Provoking Stuff.”

  1. Turbulence article is really good…

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