Oh To Be In Gay Paree

Gay Paree!  Gay Paree!  We’re the famous Tartan Army and we’re going to gay Paree.  Gay Paree!  Gay Paree!”

For supporters of the Scottish national football team, there is only one place to be this week, and that is Paris.  On Wednesday evening, at the Stade de France, Scotland will take on the might of France in a vital European Championship qualifier.   I’m so excited by it all I am seriously considering hopping over the channel for the match!  Even if I don’t get a ticket, to share Paris with 20,000 jollied up jocks is an experience not to be sniffed at.   I have not flown in years, so I hope to justify it to myself on the grounds that it should not distort my lifetime carbon footprint too much.   Besides, I have sworn to treat myself  to only one real shameless frivolity before I die – to travel abroad with the Tartan Army to a big and important football match!   I know, I know, little things and all that, but hey, I’m a bloke, what can I do?   

                                              P’d W  D  L  Fr  Ag GD  Pts 

  1. France                          8    6    1   1   15   2   13   19

  2. Scotland                       8    6    0   2   16   7    9    18 

  3. Italy                             8     5    2   1   13   6    7    17 

  4. Ukraine                       7     4     1   2    9    7    2    13 

  5. Lithuania                     8     2    1   5    5  10   -5     7 

  6. Georgia                        9     2    1   6  14  15   -1     7 

  7.  Faroe Islands              8    0   0   8    2  27  -25    0

Scotland 6, Faroe Islands 0,
Lithuania 1, Scotland 2,
Scotland 1, France 0
Ukraine 2, Scotland 0,
Scotland 2, Georgia 1,
Italy 2, Scotland 0,
Faroe Islands 0, Scotland 2,
Scotland 3, Lithuania 1.
France v Scotland,
Scotland v Ukraine,
Georgia v Scotland,
Scotland v Italy.

Before this qualifying campaign began, not many were optimistic about Scotland’s chances of finishing among the top two places in the so-called ‘group of death’, which contained not only the reigning world champions Italy, but also the runners-up France.   Now though, eight incredible games later, the dream of Tartan Army-istas everywhere is alive and flourishing!   Bring on the French!   Scotland defeated France at Hampden last October, and blind hope insists we can do it again!    They are without Thierry Henry, and we have a returning Barry Ferguson.   And we have the Tartan Army.  Check out this clip I found on youtube, of the T.A. singing, in defeat, against Italy in the San Siro.

I must ask the Princess if she’d like to go to Paris, tout de suite.   To dream the impossible, is there anything more romantic?

(freeluncher may be away for a day or two..)

Doe, a deer, a female deer
Ray, a drop of golden sun
Me, a name I call myself
Far, a long long way to run
Sew, a needle pulling thread
La, a note to follow sew
Tea, I drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to do…oh oh oh


~ by blacksheepdiarist on September 10, 2007.

6 Responses to “Oh To Be In Gay Paree”

  1. Some Frenglish to to help you, if you decide to go…
    “oi, referee, etes vous blind, c’est une shirt pull”
    “le team de France, ils requirez le equipment de scuba pour toutes les diving”
    “les garcons faire bien, mais nous was had”
    “le football, s’est une game de deux halves”
    Sorry, but I couldn’t find a translation of the Scottish of ‘gerritupyer’.

  2. Sport is the opiate of the masses. Especially football.

  3. oh AliceJ, I worried that your good self or one of my other readers would say something along those lines. And you are quite right. I’d go further, and say that international sport is training in irrational jingoism.

    But, and there has to be a but, this is Scotland we are talking about, and in particular the Tartan Army – seen as the friendliest and most welcomed bunch of sports fans the world over(fact). We are diplomats. Our travels are not about the sport per se, it is about the camaraderie, the singing, the meeting of new people. We are not, dare I say it, like the supporters of the English national team…

    In saying all that, your criticisms are valid. So you may be pleased to know I am not in fact going to Paris now(sob, sob), as I could not in the end justify either the flight, or the expenditure of so much money(easily 300 quid) on what is in effect a day trip.

    We all have our crosses to bear AliceJ, please forgive me 😉

  4. madbadhairday, thanks for the tips.

    I’m not going now, so I will be watching it amongst Plymouthians. I might have to reprise the company I had for the first game in October, she obviously brought us luck! She’s a nice Indian lass, does anyone know the Hindi for “gerrinerr”?

  5. I have occasionally been to watch matches when in Scotland for New Year’s, but only Stranraer, so that hardly counts. It’s not about the sport, it’s about the booze, I think you’ll find…

    Foreigners find it harder to understand Scottish drunks than English ones, and Scots sing more/better, which might be why they’re better guests.

  6. The bold Stranraer! They play in the same division as the other team I support, Dumbarton.

    You’re right about the booze of course, AliceJ, it almost goes without saying.

    As for the singing, better guest thing, I think Portsmouth fans for example, could give we jocks a run for our money when it comes to singing, and having fun supporting their team! They are the ying to Millwall’s yang, or something….

    To be honest, I think England’s trouble is the national anthem. I mean, ‘God Save The Queen’ is enough to put anyone in a bad mood!

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