Damien Rice at Plymouth Pavilions.

I have to thank the exceptionally generous Mike and Rebecca for giving me the opportunity to see Damien Rice the other night.  Thanks guys, that’s a dinner I owe you!

The Damien Rice phenomenon had passed me by somewhat for one reason or another, but within ten minutes of him stepping on stage I realised why this show was a sell-out, and why the Princess had rated him so highly.   What a fool I was for saying no to a ticket 6 months ago!  Sorry sweetheart, I will never question your musical judgement again.  Well, at least ‘til next time!

An excellent concert, and a lesson learnt to boot.  Which is this –  just because a lass owns a Hanson CD, does not mean she is a musical cabbage!


~ by blacksheepdiarist on October 10, 2007.

One Response to “Damien Rice at Plymouth Pavilions.”

  1. I too am a recent Damien Rice convert. He first showed up on my radar after The Blower’s Daughter was featured in the movie Closer. I forgot about him for a while until a friend let me borrow O. It’s a great album which gets regular spins in ITunes. I especially enjoy Volcano and Cannonball. Hopefully he does a show near me so I can see him live soon.

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