Better Than Sex.

I was watching a programme on TV last night about the making of Pink Floyd’s magical Dark Side Of The Moon album.  I had almost forgotten how damn good that album is!  Anyway, I was inspired enough to get ma geetar out today, tune it up, and try and learn the intro to ‘Breathe’.  And you know what?  I bloody have you know!  :-0   And it’s all thanks to the wonders of t’internet!  

Today, I am a Rock God!

~ by blacksheepdiarist on January 12, 2008.

9 Responses to “Better Than Sex.”

  1. My husband already thinks he is a Rock God and he is no where near retirement. Looks like I have a lot to look forward to.

  2. Danny, your accusations against me are complete nonsense, which disincline me to take your other allegations against TP as a whole seriously. Where is your evidence against me? What am I supposed to have done again?

    I will discuss anything openly. I have nothing to hide.

  3. You don’t half talk some pish, Danny.

    I don’t know where you get this nonsense of me “informing the abusers”, or rather ALLEGED abusers, but nothing could be further from the truth. Your original complaints were made on Indymedia when I first came across them. Per chance the people you malign also found them there, who knows? I took no action other than some semi-discreet enquiries, and mentioning it to a member or 2 of Core Group.

    Accusing me of “smearing you as a Nazi” is a bit harsh. I was more questioning your judgement, than calling you a Nazi. I questioned your assertion that far-right fascist thugs have a more good and compassionate ‘internal moral code’ than say the kind of people who spent Easter Monday with me at Aldermaston. It is YOU who is doing the smearing, Danny – of all and anyone who dares associate with TP.

    Right now, frankly, ah couldnae g’ie a fuck for yer anti-nazi credentials. Your anti-hippy credentials seem in good order, which makes you too right-wing fur me.

    Bye bye

  4. Hello this is gorgeous, anybody out there read me ?
    10-4, I read you.
    My handles gorgeous, pretty vacant, huh
    Subvert normality
    Fuck you!
    Punk is not sexual, its just aggression
    10-4 old buddies
    Destroy, kill all hippies
    Anarchy! disco sucks
    Subvert normality

    You got the money, I got the soul
    Cant be bought, cant be owned

    You got the money, I got the soul
    You got the money, I got the soul
    Cant be bought, cant be owned
    You got the money, I got the soul

    Signing off
    This is gorgeous signing off

  5. Well, at least we both like Primal Scream, I love that fecking song. I’ve had many a good night watching them play at the Barra’s. Anyway, (sigh)…

    You think I’m English, with a fake pseudo accent, which just shows how little you know. I was forged in Scotland the first 30-odd years o’ ma life. I’ve been in England 4 0r 5 years. This IS the way ah talk. Using proper Queens English, when I think and speak in Scots, is the only fakery I indulge in.

    Obviously we differ on what defines a “hippy”. For you hippy means hypocrisy, and I dont question there are a few people who call themselves hippies who are complete twats, but generally they arent what I would call hippies. Hippies, to me, is a loose term to describe people who have hair, anti-establishment views, tend to find themselves on the front line of anti-war and pro-peace campaigns, may like a smoke of waccy-baccy while listening to great music and having philosophical musings. I don’t think to be a hippy by my definition is such a bad thing. I am not talking of middle class twats who become hippies for Glastonbury. All the Greenham women, to my mind, are classic hippy warriors.

    Oh, and the reason I said “right-wing” in relation to your anti-hippy rant, was because it read just like something I would see in my Nan’s Daily Mail. Funny, huh?

  6. There was a brilliant VU quote about the Summer of Love. when all of the hippies cleared out to California. They said at the same time, all the shysters, all the fraudsters, all the psychopaths in NY went west too to indulge in a feeding frenzy.

    I see you hid my last comment, which is kind of ironic given your blog title. It may have been because I named a name. I hope you did alert the TP core group to give the person the chance to set the record straight.

  7. Greetings Danny.

    Yes, I did hide yer last comment, though my reasons were more to do with my impression that you had said that stuff before, as opposed to the fact you mentioned a name. I feel bad about it now, it’s the only time I have ever deleted a comment, and I don’t think I’ll do it again. Sorry.

    And no, I have not contacted TP Core Group regarding our recent exchanges.

    I have to say I could not have agreed more with a comment you made on Indymedia recently regarding the contrast between the BNP and the Neu Labour Party. I couldn’t have said it better maself.

  8. Yeah, I like your links and stuff too which is why I’d hoped you’d be a intermediary in this matter. I don’t mind if you delete my comments, sometimes you may justified in doing so for legal or moral reasons. I had hoped you’d have mentioned that post to someone who knows Phill though so that he had the chance to put his side of the story first. If he had said something like ‘Danny was being a dickhead pressuring me when I was stressed out’ then I would have snarled and accepted that. Seemingly though he is still claiming I attacked him. This is damaging since I know have a double-edged false reputation for violence, Phill is a side-issue to me apart from that. There are bigger problems inside TP. The most minor of, and the most provable is of police informers. The same people have bigger faults and work with other groups too and this may be dealt with by the time you are back off your break.

  9. Danny, glad you seem not to have taken the huff with me over the deletion of yer comment earlier. As I hope you have gathered by now, I am in no real position to be an intermediary on the issues you have with TP, or rather some members of. I am stuck down here in sunny Devon, and can only really vouch with any great confidence for the TP-ers I know in my own affinity group. I am utterly confident none of them are police informers. I do not know if I have ever met this Phil you mention, if I have I do not recall anyway. Oh, and it would be just lovely if all this is dealt with by the time I start spewing ma mince all over the internet again!

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