Plymouth Protests Disgraceful BBC Gaza Reporting

Despite the freezing cold, 50 or so people attended another protest in Plymouth at Charles Cross this evening in response to the ongoing slaughter in Gaza. Once again, it was obvious from the abundant beeps of support from passing motorists that a great many people are disgusted by the ongoing aggression of the Israeli military. After the rush hour traffic had died down, a sizeable contingent of us then headed for the BBC building on Seymour Road, to register our displeasure at the biased reporting of the British Broadcasting Corporation. For more on the BBC’s shameful one-sided reporting, read









Read more about media bullshit and propoganda at (click on ‘message board’)

~ by blacksheepdiarist on January 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Plymouth Protests Disgraceful BBC Gaza Reporting”

  1. (originally posted by Sandra Leslie)

    The Cops & Plymouth’s Peace In Gaza Vigil.

    It was great to such such a reasonable turnout, considering the short notice, at last nights Peace in Gaza/ Palestinian Solidarity Vigil at Charles Cross Roundabout from 5-30 .p.m. This included many of Plymouth’s Muslim community who were there in their own right as well as a part of other organisations. All of us there were united in our condemnation of the state of Israel’s continuing atrocities in the Gaza strip in the name of ‘safety’ and security’. Here we go with the double-bind language abuse again. But Israel is breaking the international laws that emerged from identifying the natural laws that govern human behaviour and are impossible to break without serious repercussions.

    However, I suppose I should mention the bad attitude of the the stalinoid copper in charge of police liaison at both the vigil and the subsequent protest at the local BBC studios in Seymour Road, Mannamead. This isn’t simply because he referred to me in a derogatory as ‘Sir or Madam’ ( This was bad enough but I shall give him the benefit of the doubt on that one, although he is the first copper in Plymouth to ‘slip’ on this with me). No, it was his inventing extra non-existent rules to harass us in the name of ‘safety’ that was the main problem. These made up rules were things such as keeping five feet back from the kerb – where on earth did that one come from and does it apply to waiting to cross the road at Pelican crossings? Later, when we were picketing the local BBC studios at Mannamead to protest at their crap coverage of the crisis in Gaza this control-freak cop made up some more rules. First he tried to spook the Muslims by saying that it this suburban location wasn’t a safe place for them to be in – especially up there in the dark. Then he said he was fed up with having to treat us like children and that we should stop standing in front of people’s drive ways as well as the driveway to the BBC studios. So, if he is there again next Friday the 9th (tomorrow) from 3-00 p.m. perhaps we should go up the BBC’s driveway and out of his jurisdiction, unless the BBC get a private injunction against us for trespass.

    This copper probably has it in for me now because I said out loud, after he said he should not have to treat us like children, that he should stop inventing extra rules that were not relevant. And because I also sang out loud the line from the John Lennon song, ‘All we are saying/ Is give peace a chance’. But he did seem to back off after that. But not before he also ordered a meat wagon up there, as though he was intending to make false-arrests of, what was by then, a handfull of protesters. The last time I protested there was ten years ago at the Balkans war, when it was only me, Tony S. and Darren J. Anyway, it was also great to see the usual comrades at the vigil at Charles Cross, and all utilising the skills that they are best at. I was also really pleased to the protesting options for Plymothians being voted upon spontaneously and democratically rather than simply all going off to London again. So, those who want to go to the London demo on Saturday should meet the coach at Bretonside bus station at 7-30 a.m. Tickets are £20 pounds with no concessions. And those who want to protest in Plymouth city centre on Saturday (after Friday’s BBC vigil) should meet at the Sundial at 1-00 p.m. This new year is a clean slate and where such big-issue tragedies such as the current one in Gaza may also paradoxically act as a catalyst for organic solidarity as well as a social re-unifier at a micro-level.

    However, although I can and will be polite towards most of the comrades I was in dispute with last year I still cannot find it within me to be polite to John Robb. His Aldous Huxley pun regarding the BBC being ‘Eyeless In Gaza’ maybe intelligent but he wastes most of his intelligence on scheming and backstabbing. So I am sorry if others may find it embarrassing at my raining down upon him still but this is because he still tries to speak to me as though nothing bad has ever happened in order to fool those not in the know. So I have to ensure that he keeps his distance from me as I’ve previously given him the benefit of the doubt several times only to have him take more liberties with me. People do change but I need to be sure he is repentant before I ever trust him again. And I suspect that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word repent at present. But if he does repent then I shall be the first to rejoice at him saving himself from his past evil ways. And perhaps, like the neo-liberal project of globalisation is now dust, that John Robb will allow himself to become dust rather than repent.

    P.S. Gaza 2000 Years Ago. Gaza was where the apostle Philip, after the very first Pentecost, went specifically to baptise an Ethiopian transsexual according to the prophesies of Isiah and Jesus. The Ethiopian ‘eunuch’ (the rather vulgar term used in the Bible) was employed as a treasurer to an Ethiopian Queen and travelled to Judea via Gaza in order to worship at the temples there according to Jewish faith and scripture.
    Sandra Leslie.

  2. Sandra, I have approved this comment as it contains some very good commentary of the action the other night. But I see you still cannot help yourself though with your tired, inaccurate, and baseless allegations against me. So be it. Whatever turns you on.
    But, for the record, and for the benefit of anyone who is per chance reading this, all of Sandra’s allegations are in her mind and nowhere else.
    I have no grudges or “schemes” against her. Not now, not ever. Neither did I try to speak to Sandra. In fact, the first I became aware of her presence on Wednesday night was while I was trying to take a photograph and I became aware of a looming presence to the side of me, Sandra mouthing some inanities that I didn’t quite catch. No doubt the same old pish.
    There is nothing I have to “repent” for with regard to Sandra. In fact, it is more the other way around. Sandra has been libelling me for nearly two years now, and apart from one blog post, I have kept my own counsel. I have no wish to get into a slagging match with her.

    Now, Sandra, if you can keep your comments, factual, relevent, and free of personal animosity, I am perfectly happy to host them here. If not, they WILL be deleted.

    Peace out.

  3. Excellent to see in Plymouth. I understand people are heading to the protest in London this Saturday? When’s the next protest after that?

    • Saturday at the Sundial, about 1pm I think. Also there is a bus heading for London same day at 0730 hours. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Wednesday vigil is repeated.

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