Stop the Nuclear Dump, Plymouth October 2009

The 31st of October saw a demonstration through Plymouth against the proposal to cut up old nuclear submarine reactors in the Devonport Dockyard.  It is sheer lunacy to attempt this experimental and highly dangerous work in such close proximity to the homes of some 250,00 people.  It is already bad enough that the Trident submarine are refitted and serviced here, without endangering the environment and the people of the city even further.  Despite the people of Plymouth being against such work, as found in previous consultations, the MOD is going ahead with yet another ‘consultation’, probably until it gets the answer it is looking for.  This demonstration showed that ordinary Plymouthians are not as pliant and gullible as the MOD and Babcock Marine seem to think.  DON’T DUMP ON OUR CITY! (or anyone elses for that matter.)

cropped 110
Marching through Plymouth City Centre.

About 2-300 people gathered in the City Centre at noon and marched through the town. 

Suki's CND Oct 2009 113

Suki's CND Oct 2009 116

After listening to speeches outside the Guildhall, many of those gathered then headed towards Devonport Dockyard to march around the gates, and listen to yet more speeches and calls to action at the Camel’s Head gate.

Suki's CND Oct 2009 141

Suki's CND Oct 2009 146Suki's CND Oct 2009 137

Suki's CND Oct 2009 153

Those of us based in Plymouth would like to add our great thanks to those who travelled to come to this demonstration.  Special mention must go to Tower Hamlets CND, Southampton CND, Yorkshire CND, Rochdale Peace Group, London CND, the ‘nuclear leeks’ of Kingsbridge Peace Group, Penzance CND, Tavistock Peace Action Group, and the varied groups of trade unionists, particularly from Unison.  Thanks all.

Peace out.

PS – more pics are available on the Plymouth CND Facebook page.

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